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Coral Vue Hydros



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I just placed an order with Piero at Reeflabs and wanted to give everyone a heads up about the outstanding cutomer service I recieved. Piero was quick to answer emails and stayed in touch with me to make sure I recived the order and that everyhing was okay.


His livestock selection is great and I purchased three corals from him. I got a pink zoo colony, very healthy and fully opened, a ricordea yuma, which ended up being two ricordeas :), and some neon yellow GSP. Piero threw in another GSP, looks like a reddish one (still not fully opened) and a monti digi frag.


The packaging was the best I've seen in all my online livestock purchases, no leaky bags and all five bags were separated with styrofoam dividers.


The shipping fee is a bit steep at $50.00 but with all six corals it came out to a little over $20 a coral, which is much less than I would pay at my LFS's.


Check out Piero's stuff at www.reeflabs.com

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So this is actually incredible and so humbling. What a wonderful review.
Sounds like a paid shill with that endorsement, so I must have done something right. And thanks so much for taking the time to share your positive experience!

Yes I realize this was 17 years ago... but it made my day. I'm back baby!

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