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Long Tentacle Anemone


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This morning I noticed that the foot of my Long Tentacle Anemone was starting to split open and what looked like small bubbles was coming out of him. It then, over about a hour period spread up the foot and into the disk,where it looked like it was turning inside out. Once i noticed that I removed it from ther tank. I'm not sure what was wrong but I hope you might be able to help.


Tank Specs:

10 Gallon

Skilter Filter

36W PC Retro

22lbs Live Rock











Tomato Clown

Sailfin Blenny

Mandarin Gody

Banded Coral Shrimp

2-Turbo Snails

6-Blue Hermits

Red Sea Star

Yellow Polyp

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On another note he never did "set" his foot into the sand he just went into the corner of the tank and stayed there.

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If he hadnt attached yet there is a chance that he is dying. How would you say the look of it was-- Healthy Looking or Shatty Looking?

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could've been splitting/propagating like tooloud says. was it deflated?


btw, that there is one fully loaded tank! :o you feedng the mandarin manually?

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One of the main ways you can tell if your anenome is healthy, Is if his foot is stickly, did you notice.. Now if it was deflating and going to a Pale color.. i would say he was sick..


now just going to a corner and staying there.. that is not uncomming.. He might have just loved that space, THey dont allways settle in the sand,

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Woaw. I hope the 10 gal part of your stats is a typo. Here's why. Tomato clown needs minimum 30 gal tank, it gets over 5". By Mandarin Goby, Do you mean Spotted Mandarin (Synchiropus picturatu) It will starve in a 10 gal. Also your anenome will eat it. This fish needs a larger VERY established tank. A 10 gal is WAY too small for an LTA and a 36 watt pc is not enough light, Host anenomes need alot of it. Again, the sailfin blenny reaches 5" and needs 30 gal minimum. Here's some more bad news, your red sea star also grows 5". Plus your tank is too warm for it. It needs 72-78 (highest). Your stock couldn't be put into any tank that I would concider a nano. Are you new to this? Did you do any research at all?

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A 10 gal is WAY too small for an LTA and a 36 watt pc is not enough light,


I would not say that a 10 gallon is too small for an LTA, I mean not for a smaller one.. I would agree that its not a great idea doing this.. just becouse they are sooo Sensitive and with smaller tank they do change ( peramiters) much easier and it would die..


As for the 36 watt on a 10 gallon, I would not say that is too little. I ran a 20 gallon tank for 8 months with a BTA and a LTA with clown and that was under a 55watt PC, and they did great.. the BTA had split.. just before i had to move and sold it all.


One thing with Anenomes and light.. is that they will move to be confortable.. if you find that he has moved under the lights and opens complelty and stays.. They you should be fine.. If you find that he is climbing the rocks and looks to be stretching for the light then i would add more.


But i really think that you just got a bad one.. from the LFS, I personally when i by anenomes.. I go and watch them.. Make sure they will eat before you bring it home.. Never get one unless its stuck to a rock or glass.. and NEVER let the guy at the LFS take it off for you , I have found too many times they dont care and they just "Rip" them off... Tell them you will bag it.. and take your time.. and make sure the foot is nice and stickly, It should allmost feel like he is trying to stick to your finger.

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Tooloud, I meant the 10 is too small because of the sensitivity isuue. And that if it died that tank would be toast, very quickly. I was much more worried about fish selection. Otherwise I agree with you.

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Yea sorry, If i mis understood it.. I just wanted to make sure that everyone was aware that .. Yes its Small for Ananemoe becouse of the fact is unlike a fish when a fish dies it will slowly Decae and turn the tank, But When a anenome dies it will release deady Toxins right away.. I have seen a BTA about 4 inches in size die in a 120 gallon tank and the next morning everything dead..


So yes.. Anenomes are cool Creatures.. But they are for experienced reefers.. Please people read up on them.. You need to learn warning signs.. you need to check on the often.. Becouse if you see it going south.. you need to get it out of there.. the moment it dies.. it will cause serious issues in your tank..


BUt other than that im not looking to see people run out and get aneneomes becouse we are saying that its possible to do .. Becouse trust me you dont wnat to do it.. But when you do the research you need to do and have the help its possible..


The nicest tank i had seen was a 5 gallon nano, had one nice rock on it with a BTA and 2 clowns.. Now this guy has been dealing with reefs for years.. and it was shocking when you read it.. Becouse people did not read all the way through.. becouse it says a 5 gallon nano, But it was plumbed into his 280 gallon reef.. So sure it was small and cute.. but it had the water supply to back it up :)


So a word to the wise, If you are going to get an anenome .. its like a child.. You need to feed it regulary.. and you need to check up on it a couple of times aday !!

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Wow thanks for the posts. I Have been running the tank for a year now with no problems until now. The stock that I have is what my LFS recommended for me.As far as how the LTA looked It still had bright colors but it was closed up with just a few tenacles showing. His foot was sticky,but I have already removed him from the tank so there is not much I can do nopw but try again. But I think this time I will get one for my big tank.


Just a side not this is the second time that it has happened. About a month ago I got a condy and it did the same thing.


But as far as my overall tank health everything is doing great.

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If this is the second time..


Meaning Both times you put it into your tank it has just floated around or made no atempt to plant itself.. then whey where sick before you got them..


So either you are no aclimating them right, To aclimate a Anenemy myself i use a big bucket dump him in.. then use some air line hose with a knot in it and drip water (2 drips per second) out of my tank into the buck ( the bucket does have a heater in it) and drip the water into the tank untill you have 3 times the amount you started with.. by this time you should have water that will match your tanks water.. Becouse if you do not aclimate them right they will shock from the salinity and die..


Now the other thing is if the LFS does not aclimate then right.. So never buy one unless they are nice and big fully open and eatting at the store..

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Dammm It must have been the LFS because when I think back on it the tank they where in had no lights and nothing for them to grab on but the glass. (meaning the tank was empty) I brought it home put it in a container and added 1/2 cup of my water ever 15 mins and till the container was full then I added it to the tank.


I guess it's time to make the hour and a half drive to the "good" LFS

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I would, As well for fish the 1/2 cup thing is fine.. But for more delicate creatures i would use the airline Tubing and drip it into a bucket with a heater..


Anaenomes : Drip for about 2 hours (or 3 times the water volume)


Clams : Drip less about 1 drip a second overnite then introduce to the tank.

Starfish, about 2 drips per second for atleast 4 hours..


These i find are really delicate.. so thats what i do.. and i have great sucess.

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and like i said..


If you are going to try another..


Go the LFS, Make sure its stuck to something and open fully, and have the LFS feed it somthing ( krill, silverside ) what ever..


Hell once they gave me a hassel.. I bought a brand new bag of silversides right there and made him try and feed it.. and it would nto take it.. Good thing the next day i found out it died.. so its beter i spent 6 bucks on a bag of food im going to use later.. rather then $70 ( her in canada) for an anenome that would jsut die!

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