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wierdo crab strikes agian


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ok guys he's back. i thought he was gone, becuse i hadn't seen him in many moon. but i got up this morning and turned my tanks lights on, and what do i see.... than damn crab... and he's only gotten bigger. about twice his old size to be exact. so far he hasn't eaten any of my inhabitants. but before i go buying corals i want to make sure he won't eat them.


so here's the dicription on him. about an inch and half to two inches in diameter. black with white spots all over. and he has since changed his claw color to purple or pink (varying discriptions among eye witnessses. hermints say one, the snail says another. the goby just can't make up his mind. he just hids in his hole and shivers in terror.) the goby has offer a ten brine shrimp reward for any infomation leading to the positive identivication and removal if it is demed necessary by the authorities.)



hang loose,




to all those Kappa Sigma AEKDB

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sorry but nope. he will no stay still long enough to take a pic. besides i very rarly ever seen him. until lately. every time i turn around to get his mug shot, he disspaaers or climbs the intake tube of the hob filter. (kinda like spider man) i never knew crabs could clilmb vertical smooth surfaces before. dman wierdo crab. he just looks like he's gonna cause trouble.

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