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Coral Vue Hydros

'nuf room?


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i have a 12 gal eclipse syistem ans i just decided that it is ready and able to handle fish and i was wondering if i could put a tang in their maybe with a ocelarris clown?

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All tangs will out grow the 12g Nano... you can keep one temporarily in there.. if you plan on moving it to a larger aquarium later :)

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Orange Crush

no, you really can't put a tang in a 12, even if you plan to move him later. tangs in the wild are free-swimming...they don't keep to one place like clowns do. if you want to keep a tang, get a much larger tank. The clown will be fine by himself, or with another small fish.

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ye, ive seen 55 gal. tanks at the lfs on display with tangs clowns wrass' and i even saw a stingray, it was beutiful, it was grey with shiny blue spots

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