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Bottles In Tank?

TOO Shady

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Hey Guys.


I work for a NY radio station and I had the chance to go take pictures of famous hiphop artist's homes..One of which was 50 Cent. He has a 75 gallon in his living room. The tank is real nice, he has about 20 lbs of live rock, and a DSB. The part that I really liked about this tank was that he had Absolute Vodka bottles in his tank.


I liked the idea so much, I put a green bottle in my tank and it looks great. The only thing that I was concerned about, was the glue on the label of the Absolute bottles. Couldn't that affect the water some how? The bottle that I put in my tank had no labels.


I can't post the pictures yet, since I have to wait for them to be posted on the station's website. As soon as they are up, I'll post them here.



If you live in NY, keep listening to Hot 97 (97.1 fm) ;)

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Whats the difference? Your acting as if you were 12. I guess you must have moved on to bigger things.....


Bottles look awesome in the tank, and one of my clowns has already started to living in one that is burried half under the sand.

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lol. I ran the empty bottles thru tha dishwasher wit just water, and then rinsed it out a few times before putting it in the tank.

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Originally posted by TOO Shady

...He has a 75 gallon in his living room. The tank is real nice, he has about 20 lbs of live rock..


You wouldn't think such a rich guy would cheap out on liverock, hell I have that much in my 10 gallon.

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Originally posted by reefan

What are you asking for you already put them in.



..I put glass bottles in my tank, not Absolute bottles. I was hoping to put the Absolute bottles in the tank..but I was concerned about putting them in with the labels on

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Originally posted by Mnesarchus

You wouldn't think such a rich guy would cheap out on liverock, hell I have that much in my 10 gallon.


He had a few triggers in the tank, so Im guessing he didnt want a reef..he just want a few rocks here and there.. I dont know.:|

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I don't know if I like that look (actually I can guaruntee I don't) but if you like it I say go for it! Just rinse out the bottles really well. I don't think that paint on the bottle is really that soluble in water.


On a related note, my roomates keep a 75 gallon cichlid tank in my townhouse. They have a bubbling (ahem) water pipe in the tank. It actually doesn't look that bad :-).

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the fish need to get high too lol "why are the fisheating so much?" they were smokin sum of the hallimeda and they got the munchies" (fish sitting in the tank with bloodshot eyes and bag of flake food)

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Booze and bongs in the tank. That makes me feel better, I thought I was a little strange because of all the syringes, tourniquets, bent spoons, torches and crack viles in mine. I'm now in the process of turning my refuge into a rehab center, for the fish who don't know when to say when. There will be herbal remedies in the fuge to help them with the dts(not phytoplankton dts). I will also cover the fuge so when they are going through the worst of it they won't cave in to there weakness and take the big leap. Anyway, good look with the "house of the rising sun" look tank. Next I'm thinking of going for the "burnt out abandoned warehouse, street bum" motif. I'll post pics.:o :o :D

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I know it's not the effect you were looking for but look in nature - bottles and cans especially often house small fish and invertebrates in coastal areas and rivers and lakes. Not saying we should be chucking stuff into the water but fish will utilize it - octopus are especially fond of things like this and mediterranean fisherman use clay pots to catch em.


I remember seeing a piece of fiji liverock with corals that had an encrusted wine bottle among it - was kind of cool.

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deacon hemp

At my local public aquarium one of the most interesting tanks has nothing but old vintage 7up and other pop bottles and no rock!.It houses gunnels,and living in each bottle are a shiat load of inverts,including clams that started small but now are too big to get out.All of the bottles are mostly incrusted wit coralline anyway so it looks pretty tight!polyps and mini anenomes encrust the outside of the bottles.It's a pacific north west invert tank,and it's a nano prolly under 30 gal.

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I'm not sure it has anything to do with being open minded at all. At the risk of sounding like one of those PETA, anal, and closed minded nutballs, most people start a reef tank with the notion that creating a 'mini' coral reef is 'cool' enough and the less manmade stuff you have in the tank, the more 'cool' you can make it by collecting nature's works.


However, who am I to judge someone tossing in bottles in their tank? If they are being responsible about it, knock yourself out.


BTW - as soon as 50 cent's one hit wonder-ness dies off, maybe he'll sell that tank cheap. Wonder how much he'll be asking for his gold plated toilet seat? Anyone else want to see an MTV Cribs episode 'FIVE YEARS LATER'? A lot of these music stars buy the most ridiculous crap, and make you wonder if they are saving any of it or just living for the moment. The return to obscurity comes awfully fast in that business.


Reminds me of the saying 'You can take a person out of the trailer park, but you can't take the trailer park out of the person.'



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