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Ricordia is shrinking?


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Maybe a stress day. Mine shrink all the time, then they are huge the next day. Go figure.


What I really want to know is...why did my most awesome ricordia..which was in the process of splitting...dissolve in a mass of brown jelly the other day? Darnit!

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My small orange ric sometimes pulls up at night. Is this a normal thing for them to do? Some night I beam a light in there and it's looking normal other nights it's standing almost straight up and folded.


I figured a 'pod walked up on it and the ric was feeding. Right? Wrong?


Either way it's fine during the day when the 'pods aren't all over the place. B)

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Ricordea are hard for me to keep. I've lost at least 20 of them (from both of my tanks).

Orange ones are especially tough for me, they will look healthy for months, and then shrink to the size of a pencil eraser.


A few months ago, I lost about 8 en masse in what appeared to be a bailout from the parent colony. They attached in different parts of the tank, and in a month they were dead.

I honestly think that had something to do with the lunar eclipse that week.


Another time I had gotten 2 Rhodactis on the same rock. The 1st detatched and I could not get it to attach with containment methods, and it eventually died. Not too long after that the other detatched and died.


When they died, it was similar to brown jelly infections, BUT, I thought that only hard corals could get BJI's. And if it was, why didn't it spread to my hammer? I heard they are very sensitive to BJI's.???

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