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help me make an order


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i want to place an order tonight for supplies for my ten gallon nano but i am having a hard time choosing supplements and what not. first of all i just got my fuge from acrlyiccity so i need a pump for that. i want a heater for my new ten gallon, runnning an lod one now for the cycle but want something better, and i want to order all the supplements i'll need. i don't really know what else to say. i have a 96 watt powerquad over a ten gallon so whatever corals i can put in there i prolly will if that helps with supplements. thanks. basically the basics i should get and what brands.



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Powerheads: Either a Rio, or Microjet are prolly best bets

Heater: Ebo Jager

Supplements: I use B-ionic. Its great

Testkits: Salifert is a good brand, its a good idea to have some (Calcium, PH, Alk/Dkh

hmmm, im gonna go eat some cereal now.

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PH: Rio's or microjet / maxijet

heater: ebo or visi-therm

suppliments: B-Ionic 2-Part (for Ca and Alk) and perhaps some Salifert Natural Iodine (for softies and inverts).


testkts: Salifert - pH, Phosphate, Calcium, KH/Alk (yeah I've got some nitrate/nitrite/amonia test kits here somewhere too but as soon as my tank finished it's cycle I pretty much stopped using them and haven't tested for any of that stuff since.



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