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nitrate higher than nitrite,


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What? Is your tank new? are you cycling your tank? Nitrite is highly undesirable, you should not see any in a cycled and established tank. Nitrate, on the other hand, is more tolerable, and lingers for a longer period (and in some tank setups it may not go completely away). If you are cycling, and are seeing higher nitrate levels than nitrite, then your cycle is almost over.

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yes the tank is new it has been cycling for almost two weeks now. I think that I am reading the test kit results wrong. I am actually taking a water sample now to LFS to have them test it and compare results.

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You maybe reading it right. If your tank is very small and you have live rock, you may have a quick cycle. Which test kit are you using? Tetra strips? If so, nitrate is at the bottom, and nitrite is on top.

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