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Black Indo-Pacific LS


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Getting the bug to setup the nano soon, but ran into my local store and found the Black Indo-Pacific Aragolive sand. It looks good, but haven't seen any comments around here yet about it. Is it ok to use. Anyone out there using it? comments!!

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If it was me I would use white sand due to the fact that it reflects more light throughout the tank. I have never seen the black stuff in a reef tank so I don't know what to tell you. JMO though

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black sand will absorb more heat and might cause the water to get even hotter. Just a thought, not sure if it is true but it makes sense that it might happen.


black sand looks like an ashtray to me.

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The Black LS is kind of like a mix of white and black. I'll hang out and see if anyone else has seen or used it. would like to hear their comments.

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