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Cultivated Reef

My serpent star disintergrated


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Over the last few days my red serpent has been loosing his legs. Today when I got home from work he was in several pieces and dead. Is this a common problem? I had him for 3 weeks

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some say that stars are very sensitive to their acclimiation, like they arent supposed to be exposed to air....

I dont know about that, but I think that stars are pretty sensitive to fluctuations in water quality.

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Sounds like osmotic shock. How long did you acclimate it for? Stars are very sensiitive to salinity and pH changes and should be drip acclimated over a period of hours.

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hey, just wanted you to know, with red stars this is quite common. My LFS which I must say can keep anything alive and bring it back to health when it's sick can't evn keep them when they get them. They are fine for about a week in their tanks, and then all of a sudden an arm is gone, and then go the rest, disintigrating just like yours. Just thought I'd let you know that it's not just you.



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