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Kanai Live Rock from JLAquatic Canada


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deacon hemp

Hey sudo i don't know where you are but JL is one of my lfs's.Have you been in the store before?I've never bought lr from them before,mainly because they're lr tanks usually are holding either ugly ass rock or huge huge show peices.i think you have to be there on the day of the shippment to get good stuff?


on they're site the rock looks amazing but beware of uncured,and i mean uncured rock!


The place in langley gets in wicked rock i hear,super cured!

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I myself have ordered their Kanai LR.. and I must say that its ... interesting. Definitely a great buy for the price, but it came COMPLETELY uncured. I don't just mean "some" die off, but a total cataclysmic explosion. It was covered in half a foot-long macroalgae and tons of dying clams and anemones.


3 anemones have seemed to survive thus far (very nice filter-feeders), and I believe I saw a crab hiding around in the rock a few days ago.


The quality of the coralline algae was beautiful WHEN IT ARRIVED, however some of it soon died back, and it took approx. the last 3-4 weeks for it to return. Some of this may have been due to my husbandry techniques, but its about the hardest LR cure I could imagine undergoing. Lots of water changes and monitoring.


If you order from JL, DEFINITELY talk to the guy and ask him for fully CURED Kanai. Otherwise he'll send you uncured by default.


Here's a photo of it the first day it hit the tank...


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