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5.5 gl Nano.. Almost yr. old

Winged Ocean

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Winged Ocean



or go to: http://community.webshots.com/photo/595758.../74230572AMusxU


Hi all. This is my 5.5 gl nano that is almost a year old.


It has a 2 - 32 Watt bulbs pc retro on it.

A HOB empty filter for circulation and surface break.

A small heater.

Small fan for summer time heat control



2 colors of clove polyps

blue ricordea

green ricordea

orange/blue ricordea

Blue shrooms

A red shroom

Candy cane

2 types of star polyps

3 mini-carpet anemones

Pom pom xenia




Percula clown

6-lined Wrasse


A red type of Macro, which I have chosen to use as the export algae to see if it can handle the load like a caulerpra type.


A water change every two weeks.


Other then a bad purchase from an Lfs and getting planaria from them (removed sandbed :( , freshwater dipped everything, and syphoning what worms survived, I got rid of the planaria! :) ) this tank has been the easiest tank of the three reef tanks I have (low maintanence and the least equipment). I do have to frag the clove polyps often though for they grow like a weed in this tank. I have loved creating a nano.

Thanks all for letting me share. ;)

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Winged Ocean

Sad to say, I don't even test on this tank anymore. Salt level is kept at 102.3 . The only time I test anymore for anything is when things don't look right. Then I run through my mind what might be going on and go from there. I stay consistant with water changes so as to keep nitrate levels down. I use to stay on top of my testing, but realized I had things in a good pattern with not much fluctuation going on.

My lighting is a CSL retro - 1 32w actninc and 1 32w daylight pc fixture from championshiplighting.com.

I don't add additives or supplements. I'm not testing, so I don't want to run the risk of throwing things off kilter.

Feed frozen foods, and ESV freeze-dried phyto.

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Actually I never test or supplement my nano either, I use Kent's salt and they claim to include iodine in their mix and that's the only thing that I would have to supplement so I figure with my water changes the tank should be fine.


P.S. How much did your lighting system set you back, I'd like to get set up with something like that as well.

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Winged Ocean

Thanks everyone. Its such a fun little tank for me.


Zontar, the lighting cost me about $124 all together. I was pretty pleased with the cost. And I've had no problems out of them.


I was going to put a new sandbed back in because I love watching the sandbed critters, but being I now have a wrasse in there, no point in that now. LOL

But the star polyps near the bottom center are beginning to grow across the bottom so I thought that could turn out to look really cool, so I'm going to go with that instead.


Again, thanks for the kind words. :)

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