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!?deep Sand Bed Gallery?! ====> Post Here


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This is your chance to post your deep sand bed


Thread Request:

- Size your pictures to 450 x 3??

- Please post pics and descriptions only Please!!!!

- No I won't go crazy angry if you have to post a comment but I would like to keep it to all eye candy and less chatter.

Don't be shy. Even if you think your pics suck. Have Fun!



WHY MAY YOU ASK WHY??? A similar thread on Reefs.org was started. So I said to myself: Self. Why not.


Here is a section of my deep sand bed for the 7 gallon nano. This sand is all fine arag live bagged sand. I have tons o microfauna. If you look you can see small worms doing thier job. They are reproducing exponentially.

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You have algae on the sand, I've never seen close up of sand like this, but is that what happens to all sand? Or do the snails or whatever usually stir up the sand and clean it? Just for my information really hehe, just curious :)

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FYI, I dont know about DSBs, but since they operate on many of the same ideas as plenums, I would think that algae is a bad thing to have in a DSB since it oxygenates the substrate...disabling the nitrate breakdown in the sand. For this reason my plenum recieves the bare minimum of light to keep it algea free...and damn hard to photograph until I figure out a way to temporarily illuminate it.

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====>The algae only grows against the glass because the glass is creating an un-natural occurence and conducts the light. Byond that very slim layer of algae is the good stuff. And yes they all look like this.



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