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Anemone found, friend of foe?


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I found what I think is an anemone in my tank. I will post a picture when I get home. It is transparent and colourless, has many tentacles and the tentacles seem to emanate from a central non-stalk body. It's about 2-3 mm when closed, but then the tentacles are out, they are about a centimetre long and there are about 10-15 of them (tentacles).


I read all about aiptasias being the bane of reefers. Is this one? I took him out (he "walked" from some live sand over to a rock, which I removed and then pried him off and into a glass bowl with tank water where he attached to a small clam shell that I put in there for him - and put a dead copepod or something next to him in case he was hungry).


Now should I keep him in the bowl forever (or give him to a fish store) or is he actually not harmful and I should stick him back in the main reef tank?


Again, I will post a picture tomorrow (Sunday) but I wanted to know if there were any telltale signs that this is something I don't want....





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