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Nano/ Digital Photography?


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I am planning on setting up a nano site for my nano when i finally get all the equipment, and i wanted to have a step by step process of setting my nano up so i can hopefully look back and see how much better my nano has become :). AND of course be able to post on this site :)


The ques:

I was wondering where is the best place to start looking for Dig cameras and info on them. I'm quite new to cameras so a magazine or site that told you what part does waht like Memory cards etc..... If anyone has any recommendations on cams or sites plz post it would be a real help



thx Simon

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deacon hemp

sup frost,i'm into digital photography and before i bought my camera i did a lot of research,here's the best online camera test site it's got galleries of pics from every camera.


www.dpreview.com also i've been a lurker on reefcentrals photography board for over a year,it's a great place to learn how to use your cam! hopefully that helps


Btw nikons rule for macro's

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