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I am thinking about moving from my 5.5 to a 10 gallon. i have about 10lbs of live rock and about 1.5in of sand in my 5.5. if i move my stuff to the 10 what do i need to do to make sure i dont kill anything? (shrooms, ricordia, starpolyps, brain, clam, candycane and some other frags) i want to move for better lighting.

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The main problem will be the sand. If you move that across with everything, you'll start a new minicycle in the 10g. I would be inclined to get another bag of Nature's Ocean, add 5g of new mix SW to the 10g and get that cycled. Once cycled and up to temperature, ph and salinity matching your 5.5, I would bring the rock, livestock and most of the water across from the 5.5g. Keep the sand from the 5.5g moist and add it a little at a time to the 10g over a number of months if you don't want to throw it away.

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