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Cultivated Reef

OKOKOK call me a reeftard...


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Orange Crush

<-- raises an eyebrow and wonders what nano-reefer could possibly have use for a 200 gal bucket of salt.


Decides it's not worth the effort, slowly and quietly walks away.

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Obviously, he's salting a side of beef!


Or else he found some aquarium "price club" !


hey, in general, how much are you guys paying for salt? I found a place here that sells 50gal bags of Instant Ocean for 10 bucks, which is the cheapest I've seen it in the SF Bay Area. So 200 gals should only cost $40, but then you don't have the nice child proof buckets!



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oc, don't make fun. I bought a case of marine environment (6 25 gallon bags) for my 7 gallon. Why? Wish I knew.


thankfully they are in bag form. Otherwise I might have posted for help on opening the drum and man would I have taken heat for that.

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Dangerous way:


I've never used a 200 gall bucket of salt (that's almost 2 years worth of salt for me) ... but ... I've opened hundreds of restaurant supply pails (former line / short order cook) just by using the biggest, sharpest chef's knife you can find. Jam it into the convenient grooves on the lid (sharp side out, away from you), hold onto the knife handle tightly, and whack that sucker down with your free hand.


There's a chance of turning yourself into a eunuch, but you will freak out any family members or waitresses who see you.

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(From the Chef Aid episode of South Park....)


Johnny Cochrane: Chewbacca is a ten foot wookie...that doesn't make any sense...if Chewbacca doesn't make any sense..you must acquit. And in closing.....look at the monkey, look at the silly monkey!! *KABOOM* (Juror #4's head explodes)



Thats what reading this post did for me.....





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Whats a 6 foot ewok doing running around with a bunch of 4 foot wookies on the planet Endor. It does NOT MAKE SENSE.

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I opened up a can of worms here...talk about THREAD JACKING!!!!


From the beginning of the introduction of the reeftard...to south park and the juror's head blowing up to chewbacca...



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Originally posted by samstersam

how the HELL do you open those big buckets of 200 gallon salt mixes?????


I'm a tard.:P


Uh, call me crazy, but how about reading the side of the bucket or the funny little raised braille instructions on the lid.......


ooooh...>hint<>hint< if you mail ordered it, it is most likely under the shipping label.


Seriously, most of these buckets (opposed to the standard food service buckets, which are used by Instant Ocean) have strip that runs along the bottom of the lid's edge. Follow it all the way around until you find a spot that has a tab with a little raised edge @ the start of the strip. Just need to break the thin piece of plastic & peel off the strip all the way around to open it up. (Crystal Sea & Red Sea use this)


Otherwise, use Masoch's idea, but get yourself a pair of wire snips.

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