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I am new to nano reffs but not salt water. I have a few questions. 1st. I would like to know if live sand food is required?

2nd. I am making my own retro hood, using the existing hood of my 10g eclipse. I would like to know if 2 28w bulbs (actinic 03 + 6700k) is to much lighting? Please help !!


Thank You,


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Welcome to the forum 'stumpy'!


Sometimes you need to excuse Crak for those lenghty responses. But you'll get used to him! :D


2x28watters would do you nicely across the spectrum. If you're thinking about jumping in with something like a clam, go stronger where possible.


Mushrooms and low lying stuff will do fine with what you're planning. My thoughts are to get involved with the hobby any way you can, and then once your hooked - and you will be - then the fun is in upgrading and launching new tanks. If you want to read some fun stuff, check out the 'I'm Back' thread at http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/showthread...&threadid=12831


And after you've read that thread... Tell me upgrading and launching a new tank ain't GREAT!!! B)

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sea mountain,


Thank you 4 welcoming me. I did at 1 time have a really productive 125g tank,so I know quite a bit about salt water,but i do have 1 more question. Is it ok to cycle a nano reef with uncured lr ?


Thank You,


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Hey stumpy,


Yea it is ok to cycle with the uncured lr and is definitly more preferable than cycling with a damsel or another fish. You don't want to go around tourturing fish and you don't want to try to catch the little bugger if he lives and you decide he's a pain in your bum.


Do a search on this site and reef-central and you will find all kinds of information on cycling a tank on uncured lr.





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I'm cycling my new tank with uncured rock. Unfortunately I can smell the stench 24/7 and the tank is about a mile away at the moment.


(long enough for ya UMW?)


welcome to the boards by the way.

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