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Part-Time Skimming


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I run my 12 G without the use of a skimmer. Have had good success. However, I have read some people use their skimmers only part-time, sometimes even a few hours a week or so. Is there any benefit in that? I was thinking on probably investing in one and using it a few hours a week myself as a cleanup process, and for emergency use as well. I appreciate your feedback.

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I use my CPR bak-pak at night only. It helps to keep the pH from dropping so much and it keeps the water oxygenated too. When I first started my new tank I ran the skimmer 24-7, and my corals looked like crap. Someone at the LFS informed me that my tank was probably over-skimmed. Since I switched, all of the corals do much better. So I guess you could say there are many benefits of part-time skimmers.

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On my 46g, I have the skimmer and my lights on the same timer, so that it only skims in the day time, b/c the tank is in my room, and the skimmer is too noisy at night for me.

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