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Periwinkles all over the place...


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I dunno why it is, I have about 6 periwinkles (between 2mm and 12mm in size) that just can't seem to stay in the tank.


I started (filled my nano last weekend) getting used to them crawling down the outside of the tank, but this morning I found one on my kettle and another crawling along a pencil almost a meter away from my 5G.


Why is this? Are they hungry? Is the water quality bad? Am I starting an evolutionary cycle?


And the crabs are driving me demented too... the big stupid one keeps trying to climb inside the powerhead.

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Entertaining isn't it?

Panic, I am assuming that your entire setup, (even your water maybe?) is all collected locally, is this the case?


If you are using a standard (or even non-standard) aquarium, you can either purchase, or have made, a glass or plexiglass cover that will help reduce evaporation and assist in preventing escapees. The other important factor for you to determine is whether or not your 'periwinkles' (must be a universal term for little snails, we use it here too) are carnivorous. Some snails are definitely not suitable for a nano-reef. If your snails are consistently going on walkabout, it could be because they are looking for food. As you point out, it could also be the water - however, if the water were truly an issue, they would likely not be moving at all. :)


And if your crab does manage to get inside the powerhead, well we'll be able to find out if the snails are carnivorous shortly after the crab salad is ejected from the output.

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If they are true Perriwinkles, MOST of these can and do survive out of water often. Also, if they're a specific kind they may require "drying out" periods for propper health.


There's this story about a museum which had a mounted perriwinkle specimen up on a wall for 12 years. One day the janitor was dusting it off and saw foamy slime around the mouth of the shell. So, he told someone.


That was back in the early 80's. The perriwinkle is still alive and well in an aquarium in the exhibit.


As far as keeping the little snots in, you'll need a custom fitted tank top. If they get to be too much of a hassle, I'd be willing to take some off your hands.



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Well, yeah, I do collect all my livestock... well, until my tank is cycled. The 5G is being used as a "seeding tank" in preparation for my 15G, live sand, rock will be transferred across. Once the 15G is setup I'll dismantle the 5G and take it to work. Did an 80% water change on Sunday afternoon - scratched some pink coralline off one rock in the hopes it spreads to the others. Pods still rule.. they're all over the place, including plenty of puzzling little worms that float around wiggling like mad. They're thinner than a hair and about 1/2" long, looks like they have a little sucker to attach to rock. They seem to be thriving though, I always see 20 or so in the water column - reminded me of a loosely grouped aquatic rave.


Dunno about sending them to you BlackSumbel - I'm in South Africa. I s'pos I could send you a letter with some of the smaller p-winkles inserted (dry maybe?), must admit I'm not sure of import/export regulations.


Periwinkle is a rather old, quaint name I think... they're black snails with round shells (as opposed to pointy). I sometimes crush 'em and use 'em for bait while fishing with my daughter (Oh give it a rest, I know SOMEONE is going to flame me!).


The hermit persists in humping the powerhead... I have no idea why. He's certainly not stuck, because he races around the tank looking for something to molest. I also picked up a pretty pink hermit, he's far shyer but has the bigger shell... so I spend my evenings seperating the two.


I prefer the pretty pink hermit... I'll chuck the other back when I next go down to the beach. Or maybe I'll take him to work in the 5G.

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well, if you're in South Africa, that'd definately be a no (unless we both wanted to end up in our respective prision systems heh).


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