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Pod Your Reef

Orange Ric Gallery Ya Morons!!! Post Your Orange Ric Pictures!!!


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Okay! I finally got my ORANGE RIC from JP.com. Don't be hijacking my thread either!!!


You know the rules about "Galleries" so I don't need to review them do I?!?!? :D


Now... Let's have us some fun!!!! B)

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Originally posted by Dustin

O man, I cant beleive he bit, I knew right away since you guys give him so much crap anyway.


Now Dustin... It's only because we have a special place in our hearts for him! Akoostick ROCKS! :D

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Ya know, Sea, I was gonna say something when I cruised through here this morning, but I decided not to.


So now here I am this afternoon and well...


(tick tock, tick, tock, tick tock - trying to think how to phrase this)


Okay, I won't say it.


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Sea Mountain -


My orange ricordia closes itself in disgust. I fart in your general direction! ;)


PS: I kinda knew I was walking into the gauntlet.

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