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How to attach to my feed?????


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Hey eveyone,

I am going to receive this list of stuff for my reef within the next few days. I wanted to know how to attach these to my reef(will they attach themselves or need glueing??) or do they need to go in the sand???


1 -- red/green yumas

3 -- cool green watermellon & 1 maroon mushroom

5-6 macros

red sea pulsing xenia




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The xenia should be attached so you can just place that where you want it.


the mushies and the rics probably won't be attached, but you may be lucky. you can either place them in a spot where the flow of water will not blow them off so they can attach by themselves, or place them in a plastic container with a bunch of small rocks for them to attach to. place the container on the sand (or float it) and in a few days they should attach and you can place the rocks where you want them. the container will just stop them from getting blown around in the tank.


tha macros should go in your fuge, just put them in water and they'll grow.



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