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What To Feed?????


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Hey eveyone,

I am going to receive this list of stuff for my reef within the next few days. I wanted to know if and what I need to feed them or what to add to the water for them.


2-- cerith snails

3 -- nerites snails

6 -- bacro blue legs

1 red leg

1 -- mated pair Gold coral banded shrimp

1 -- red/green yumas

3 -- cool green watermellon & 1 maroon mushroom

5-6 macros

red sea pulsing xenia




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the snails and crabs will eat algae. if you run out of algae you can give them little pieces of food, preferablly something vegetable based. the shrimp will eat anything meaty such as frozen formula one. tehy have done this for me int he past and i found i didnt need to feed very often. the wenia likes the addition of iodine to the water and the other shrooms are fine with water changes but liek the additional feeding of meaty foods as well.

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you can try to feed your shrooms, but the shrimp will prolly come eat it before the shroom has had a chance to digest it.


Feeding shrooms is optional, giving them nice clean water and some light is usually enough.



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