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This is your chance to post your most beautiful shots of your fish!


Thread Request:

- Size your pictures to 450 x 3??

- Please post pics and descriptions only Please!!!!

- No I won't go crazy angry if you have to post a comment but I would like to keep it to all eye candy and less chatter.

Don't be shy. Even if you think your pics suck. Have Fun!


Here's my strawberry Pseudo chromis aka "The Bullet":

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This is ____ the false perc. He has no name, and this is the best shot I have ever taken with my sucky cam. in my entire life.

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Go to Post Tank Pics in General Discussion. It should be page two, three, or four. My camera doesn't work and I can't post the same pic twice.

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And here is my Clown Goby added to the tank in March, at first he was very shy but now he comes right out and eats from my hand. His name is still clown goby as of now

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