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Innovative Marine Aquariums

Slowly getting there


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20 gallon tank:

Whole tank pic:

note the GSP I glued to the tank wall between the nozzles, hopefully one day I will have a "wall of GSP"


close up of lobophyllia (sp?)


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I've worked on a few tanks where the GSPs had started looking like a piece of shag carpet, growing on the back, sides, powerheads, anything they could latch onto. I haven't had such luck, but personally, I thought it looked cool. Be forewarned though. If they take off and spread high, you'll probably have to cut them back, as waterchanges might be hard on them, if they're being exposed to the air for any length of time.

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mine were glued to the back wall and the original mat that I glued fell off but there was a tiny piece that had grown onto the glass. If I had kept the tank running it would have spread nicely. Same plan for the new tank, only one side of the glass will have the gsp, the other hopefully Xenia.

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the Xenia plan sounds like it will be nice.


good tip FlyGTI........(do you have a VW?)

My sump has 15 gallons of water in it, for water changes I just unplug the auto-top device and drain 5 gallons from the tank. My water level stays constant because I can keep my pump running. A power outage is a different story, the water level would stop about 1/4" above the GSP.

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