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The newest newbie you will ever meet... question with general stuff


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Hi everybody,


This is my first post, and to be honest w/ you guys, I'm really new to all this... all that I've done in the past has been fresh water fish.



I was inspired by THIS article regarding a reef system in the Eclipse 6




What do you guys think of this? Can I follow this guideline? I know I'd have a lot more fun experimenting and whatnot, but I kinda like th strict follow-the-rules guidelines.. .hehe


One thing I'm really confused w/ though is lighting... I want the whole deal w/ the coral, and live rock and fish and all that... but what's wrong w/ the stock eclipse light? And what does photo-period mean? And why is lighting important... and what do all the 50/50 and all the other lighting terms mean??


can somebody advise me on this? thanks :)

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LOL Adin!


I didn't read the whole article cuz I got to the part where it said the stock lighting would be sufficient. Nope. Unless you only want to keep low light corals like shrooms and such. The stock lighting is super easy to upgrade with the CSL supernove retroftit 32 watt kit. Go to www.customsealife.com or check in the classifieds or trading posts here. I think there's one for sale.


As far as the biowheel is concerened you could go one way or another. Thee's a huge post on this stite somewhere about the pros/cons of biowheels. Go up to the search button and type in biowheel and you'll hit the jackpot. Personally I ran the biowheel for three months then yanked it. My tanks water params for nitrate are much more stable without the wheel. I always had a small nitrate reading with it in, none without it. Just my experience.


Please be sure to utilize the information tab at the top of the page and READ READ READ before you start up the aquarium.


Good luck and welcome to NR!

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I agree. I have the Supernova also. Additional lighting like the CSL 32W Supernova will not only serve your lighting needs, but also makes your tank look awsome, everything shines and becomes more colorful.

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