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pistol shrimp and clams


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has anyone kept any clams and pistol shrimp? i want a pistol shrimp but i intend to get some clams later on down the line. what do you guys think?

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Shouldn't be a problem IMO. I've had plenty of pistol shrimps that came in on my live rock and they left my clams alone. They are just a scavenger and reef safe except for small fish. I'd try to find a goby buddy for him so you get that symbiotic relationship going...



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ok thats what i was thinking, i had jsut read a little something about them possibly putting holse in scallops occasionally. if i get clams they will be kept up on the rockwork anyway so i hope it wont be that big of a problem.


p.s. any suggestions for a goby that wont grow fast that will live happily with a pistol shrimp?

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Stick with a yellow watchman. They're a great little animal, although perhaps a tadbit skittish. I've had one for well over a year and a half with my pistol, and they work out great together.

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