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Question about snails


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Hi.. I have a question and I was hoping someone could help. I was out at the local port the other night fishing and I noticed the rocks were covered with snails. So I grabbed one and brought it home to try out in my tank. It has been in there for almost 2 days and seems to be doing fine. However, I am wondering if there is anything that may go wrong. As of now I have 2 store bought zebra snails and a whole bunch of hermits and nessarius (sp.) snails in my tank (Bio Cube 29). While the zebras move back and forth from the rock to the glass, the new one i found tends to stay on the rock. Anyway, hope someone can give me some insight on whether to keep this snail or lose it...... or whether i should take more advantage of these freebies haha. I'll try and get some pics posted soon.



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First of all you should ID this snail. If you don't know what it is, putting that in your tank is usually a bad idea. Second, you don't know what is attached to the snail could be crab eggs or whatever. Hitchhikers I don't think would be too much of a problem but you should know what goes in the tank. If you can get a good ID on the snail and don't worry about hitch hikers then partake long as it's something your fish and wildlife approve of as well.

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thanks for the info. ive been trying to id it. not too much luck there. it doesnt appear to have much in the way of hitchhikers, but i think im coming to the realization that its just not worth it to keep it. but i may find out that it's completely harmless. as far as any regulations go, i've been looking and havent seen anything that seems to be wrong with having one. but i appreciate you looking out.



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