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Can I hang a Taam rio nano skimmer on an AC110?


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I have a 1-month old 15G tall with an AC110 modded to act as a refugium, and no plans to add a sump anytime soon; but I would like to add a small skimmer.


The custom wooden canopy I built has an opening in the back just wide enough to fit the AC110, is it possible to hang a Taam Rio nano skimmer on the AC110?


Besides the relative size of the 2 units, the uptake tube on the Rio is positioned on the right, which would place it in the refugium end of the AC110; is it possible to screen the uptake to prevent it sucking up my copepods?




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It might work, but the AC110 wasn’t designed to hold the extra weight of another HOB on it. In addition, if the AquaClear’s motor were to stop, the Rio’s pump would run dry. Since you already have a refugium, I’d just stick with water changes.


Edit: Actually the Rio would just skim the same water over and over again, but shouldn’t run it dry.

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my tank is barely a month old and already i'm regretting not drilling it for an overflow and a sump.


the tight fitting custom wooden canopy is more restrictive than I had anticipated!


I already have a very sturdy poly tub and my stand has plenty of room for it. I'm thinking about draining it part way and drilling the back.



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If you really wanted to put a skimmer on your AC refugium, you could build a stand (or brace) for it to hold the extra weight. Otherwise there are internal airstone skimmers (which I’m not the biggest fan of, but they do some good).


However, with water changes, you really don’t need a skimmer (especially with a refugium) on a 15 gallon tank. Water changes will also help replenish elements and balance water chemistry, so you’d still be doing them anyway.


I understand about wanting to drill your tank, but I don’t think that it’s necessary. Is there a water quality problem that you are trying to solve?

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seabass beat me to the suggestion(s) -


check the forums for a user named dla - I think he had a sanders picollo (sp) or lee's skimmer sitting in his HOB. They're decent little units



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