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Overflowing tanks--anyone build them?


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I have been looking at overflowing tanks, like zeroedge aquariums, and more and more I am sure that I want one. The only problem is that I am a college student with limited funds. I have a summer job but after rent I don't think I can scrape together 1700 dollars....


SO. I have seen some truly incredible DIY aquariums on this site and wanted to know if anyone here would be interested in making an acrylic overflowing tank and the stand for it. If anyone's interested in tackling this challenge, let me know. I Also, if you know of someone who's selling a zeroedge used, that would be great as well!

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Haven't seen any DIY versions since way before Zeroedge came out with theirs.


I wouldn't bother. Imagine the evap on those tanks.

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Yeah, I saw that post, it is a gorgeous tank. For a work study job I take care of all of my school's tanks and get access to all the DI water that I could want. I also have an ATO so I don't worry about evap too much. I think these overflowing tanks are the best looking tanks I've seen in a while. I really like the top-down view and the novelty of the design. Again...if anyone knows of a used tank or wants to try and build one, let me know!

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