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Help me get better Picts with Cannon Powershot S30


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So this is the camera that I have now. And I can get decent pictures but not really good ones. Its probably the camera, But thought I would ask anyway. So anyone have this camera or know enough about it to help me out. I have tried a few things like changing the Ap and so on. But have not really gotten what I needed. The macro on this camera sucks so no dice on that. Thanks

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I have the cheapest Canon powershot they make (only 3.2 MP) and all my pics are taken with it....Its you and not the camera....


Switch to macro mode, Turn off all flow, Camera lense needs to be parallel with the glass of the tank. Hold as still as possible, press the button hlf way for the camera to focus, puh button down all the way not moving the camera at all or the pic will be blurry

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I use the macro and well I don't turn off the pumps when I do. I will try that. Thanks.

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Canon has come a long way with their macro mode since that camera, however everyone has put in some great advice.


If you're having trouble with the color, go into your settings and manually white balance the shot.




If your shot is still not in focus, try using manual focus. You may also may want to try using a tripod. If you don't have one, try propping your camera on something sturdy like a chair or something.


If you use your flash, which I do not recommend, manually decrease your flash intensity. That's one of the good things about your Canon Powershot that many other cameras don't have.




Like mentioned before, turn off water flow so there's less activity in the tank. Also, if you don't already, use some sort of filter media to pull out all the small particulates floating around in the tank. In my experience, this helps alot.


If your photos are still coming out blurry, try bumping up your ISO manually. that'll cut down on your shutter speed. The downside of this is that you'll get granier photos. You just have to find a happy medium.


If you're taking photos of fish, make sure you follow them arond with your camera. It's sorta like a baseball swing, you need to follow through with the movement of the camera as you're taking the shot too. This'll help reduce the blur of your moving subject.

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Illum, Thanks for the reply.. it was very nice of you to actually put pictures of the screen. (Don't know how you did that, its cool) I do use a filter floss. and do turn off the light. I actually played with it the other day and used the digital zoom on macro mode and it worked a little bit better, I don't use the flash and have not tried a tripod but will. You are right about the color. I just cannot get it to look like it does in real life. I do turn off my antics sometime to take picts. I have tried the white balance. But let me ask this. When I do the manual WB do I set the shot up and them WB kinda like I would a tv camera. Then my only other issue is the macro mode. Its not that great. Is there a good camera that is not to pricey that you would recommend.

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