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10 Gallon SPS Flow Rate


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Im not new to reefing but am new to the nano side of the hobby and am at a loss as to some of the unique aspects of keeping such a small tank. I have most of my tank constructed but need advice on what sort of return pump to use. To start with my display tank is going to be 10 gallons with a 10 gallon sump/refugium. The display will be drilled for two one inch bulkheads for draining purposes. For lighting im going with a single double ended 150 watt phoenix 14k bulb without any supplental lighting. Im going to have 10 pounds of sand in the display along with about 10-15 pounds of live rock. Im going to be keeping only SPS and one clam in the tank so as far as flow goes, the two bulkheads will drain to the sump and go across a couple of baffles and then get jetted back up into the display via a SCWD.....the only question is how much flow would be ideal?? I want alot of flow but of course not enough to kick up any sand.

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Well, if it helps, I have a NC 12 with about 700 GPH, and I still think it needs more. It kicks up some sand, but careful pump and LR placement could reduce/eliminate that.

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