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Black Tahitian Moon Sand


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I've been looking high and low for a reef-appropriate black sand. I found some lovely Black Calcite (from the Gary Coast) at Seachem. Unfortunately, shipping to Canada would end up costing more than the sand itself, so it's not an option I want to go with unless I have to.

A buddy of mine has some pails of tahitian moon sand sitting around, and I can have it if I want it.

My concerns are the following:

- Impaction / gas accumulation

- My goby making a proper burrow


Have any of you experienced such problems with it?



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I use Tahitian Black Moon sand in all my tanks with no problems - my goby/pistol shrimp have no problem burrowing in it.

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same here, however its a real fine grain. that might not be what your looking for. but i like it, black sand makes all the colors just jump out.

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there is alot of iron in this (volcanic) type sand. If you run over it with a magnet you will pick up metals continuosly. I dont know of anyone having trouble with it though.

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