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Decorator snail?


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Anyone have these? Sorry, it's too small and camouflaged to be snapping pics of, just imagine a small, white, coned grazer with grains of sand glued to it's shell. Species info?

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If it is really a cone shell, I would be careful handling it since some species are among the most poisonous animals in the world.



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No, it's not a Conus sp. It has a small aperture with a long apex at the other end, like a cerith.

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I had something sorta similar appear a little over a year ago--teeny little cone-shaped snails. And I agree they were too small to get a good picture of, but that didn't stop me from trying. They don't sound exactly like what you're describing, though. When apparently "just hatched," they were covered with what looked like detritus for a while:


(Blackish, detritus covered thing just to upper right of middle:)







Later on they would clean up:






They came in both black and white...but did not last long. I suspect predation. Although I never got a close enough look to see the cerith snout, that was the only similar looking snail I had in my tank, so I always thought they were baby ceriths...



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Thanks Diane. For some reason I was never getting notification emails for awhile, so I'm just now going through my posts and responses.


Mine definitely looks like yours, especially the "cleaned up" version since he has completely white granules on him. He's getting close to 1/4" now, so I could probably get a good pic next time I catch him/them around.

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I just stumbled upon this thread, but I have something to say. They might be nass. snails (hold on I'll explain). My nass snails chase each other around. When they catch each other or run over each other they get slime all over their shells. When they burrow into the sand they come out with sand and detritus all over them. After a while it all comes off. That's just my 2 cents.





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No, they look exactly like Diane's in her last pic. I'd say that's a cerith maybe, definitely not a nassarius. I've got a few now, the older couple are about 1/4" with clean shells, the rest are much smaller and covered in grit.


I've seen my nassarius do what you're talking about though.

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never mind then


I'm glad to now my nass snails are not the only ones that play tag. I assume they smell each others trails because they surely have bad eyesight. It' fun to watch anyhow. If they it catches the other, the one that has been caught shakes it's body in an effort to free it's self. They're prolly mating or something. idk

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I've watched my nassarius click their shells against others to get them off, first time I heard it I thought I had a mantis in the tank, lol.

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