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Rio, Mag, or Quiet One?


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Hey guys and gals! I am looking to replace my mj1200 with a stronger pump because the flow is really low coming back into my tank from the chiller. Here's the setup:


just the nanocube tank sans hood not drilled

1/10 hp AquaEuro chiller 22.5 inches below the tank, works marvelously, tank is never below 78 or above 80


I am looking at the Rio 1700+ or 2100+, the Mag 7, or the Quiet One #3000. I am just wondering what you guys and gals would choose or recommendations.


Right now I am leaning more towards the Mag 7 because it already has the 1/2 inch port on it with the 700 gph flow. I figure after head loss the actual flow would be in the neighbor hood of 500 gph, which is perfect for the chiller and the tank.


thanks for any info

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mag or quiet one both make great pumps. I hve both and love them. The mags tend to work better in an application where backpressure is a problem. Quietones will heat up a 5 gallon bucket to 80-82 degrees in a 24 hour period. The quiet ones can be plumbed externally and that will eliminate the heat issue.

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