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experiment...need input


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So I'm experimenting with refugium, and kinda just, trying some things out before I get my 3 90 gallons set up in the basetment, which I will have all running on the same system with a big sump and a refugium....


What I have just set up in the mean time is a 5.5g with a 2.5g refugium...

I'm looking for suggestions for what I should try and house in there...

I've already got a 20H seahorse, macro, and assorted corals, and a 30g packed with about 40 corals and some really nice fish

I'd love to do anemones, an eel, or clams, but for this particular set up, I dont think any of those would work...

I'm just looking for an interesting idea for what to do with this extra space...

I'm also wondering, is there any reason I cant make the refugium the hide out for a nice decorator crab or something??

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A clam's probably not the best idea, unless you want to do a non-photosynthetic one, and those can be difficult unless they're live rock hithchikers.


One thing I've always wanted to do if I had a refugium that was large enough (which yours will be), is keep a frogfish in a refugium. I've always had a particular fascination for these fish, they're very unique. However, they're also the kind of fish that you really need to research before taking them on. Grimreefers.com is a really good place to look, they have a forum just for frogfish. There are also some good threads on them on RC. Uberfugu is a great person to talk to on either of these forums, he's kept several frogfish and even tried breeding them. He's extremely knowledgeable. He used to be on NR, but I haven't seen him here in a while.

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So you mean a frogfish in my later on refugium right? my big one?

cuz thats an awesome idea

I have a feeling you dont mean in my 2.5g refugium....


Also, why not photosynthetic clams? they just too big a toll on the bioload??

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They dont live long and need ALOT of planktonic (and smaller) matter to filter.


They probably will die, so dont waste your $

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