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What can I keep with a 70w MH?


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I'm looking into buying a 70w Viper and I was wondering what my limitations would be if I have a 24g NanoCube. Mostly interested in zoas and anemones as well as some xenias.

Will all that work?

Any coral suggestions would help.


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cant have both?


yes u can have both. if u have the chance get the 150w i have a 70w on my 24 and imo its not enough.sps have to be kept up top to keep the colors.

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Gonna buy the 70w from Ebn hopefully for $80 + shipping.

Think that should be good for now.

Besides sps, I can place where I like?

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Yup, but thats a loaded question (if you think of the technicalities)


Honestly most LPS don't need a whole lotta light (especially green pigments).

I'd say for that GREAT deal....go for it :)

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