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2-Part Dosing Pumps


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A Litermeter III is a little out reach for me at the moment.


Innovative Aquatics pump looks a little too medical for me and friends have had problems with theirs.


Two-Part Solution Dual Head pump, pumps unevenly.


I cannot wait around for a sweet medical ebal pump. I've been waiting forever already!

Anybody got any ideas?


Aquamedic? 2x Single head twopartsolution pumps(I don't like the idea of having 2 plugs)?


CA reactor? I'd really rather not... I can't find enough evidence that it would be any better then dosing pumps.

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I just mix kalkwasser in my auto top off float and it maintains my calcium and alk. I just go in whenever I feel like it test cal and alk and dose according to http://reef.diesyst.com/ that calculator if either of them are low. otherwise I'd be dosing daily with just 2 part.

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i'm dosing by hand for now. saving up for a aquamedic or litermeter ...not sure which one to go with. i was hoping to get some recommendation through this thread. -_-

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LMIII will last you for years. i've never heard of one failing. all other pumps i have heard bad stories

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I still dose by hand, but in the twopartsolutions section on r-c, they dropped a hint that something new was coming that's supposed to be better quality, and I remember reading that they were discontinuing the dual pumps they had been selling b/c of the unequal dosing problem.

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