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GSP and Shroom Price Question


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I have a little bit of GSP to sell. I am wondering what a fair price is for a frag of it. Maybe how much per square inch of frag? The first piece I have is about 2" by 2.75 inches.



In addition, I've got a bunch of green striped shrooms. What is a fair price to charge per shroom?


Thanks, in advance.

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I got my green striped mushroom for 6 on a small piece of rubble. I was at a lfs in KC a few days ago and they were selling gsp covering a small part of a large rock for 100 and they had multiple rocks, seemed overpriced to me.

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The mushrooms depending on what they looked like probly 5$ each.


Agree with shroom pricing, but when I sell GSP frags, I sell them for $7-8.

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The Propagator

Yeah I get from $5-$10 per shroom on average.

GSP if flighty. sometimes only $5.00 per square inch others $15.00.

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ok sounds great on both. i'll try to use my best judgements with the GSP. I appreciate everyone's input. This really gives me a good idea of where to begin!

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