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Leaky PVC fitting


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Alright, I thought everything was good after a few test runs but it seems that my 90 degree elbow on the drain wasn't sealed well enough and its causing a small leak :o . Sine this is the drain pipe can I wait till it dries before apply PVC cement and fix it that way? Also, my fitting on the pump appears not to be completely sealed when I attached it to the female threaded couple, how do I fix this without taking things appart sicne it is not a viable option at this moment.c :angry:



THanks for helping the plumbing idiot

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long run it would be safer to drain the tank and reglue. for a quick fix use the plumber's leak stopping putty. don't remember the exact name but it is a gray epoxy that can be molded around pipes to stop leaks. personally, i'd drain the tank esp if it was not stocked.

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It is a pain but take it apart and repair it correctly. You will be better off in the long run. Small leaks dont go away only get worse. Thread tape should be used on threaded fittings especially the pressurized line out of the pump.

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thats what I was thinking but somehow I was hoping that someone would tell me otherwise. Yeah I used teflon tape on the return fitting but apparently I didn't tighten it enough

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