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My Nano Wave


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I got Aqua medic's All-in-one tank for myself as a moving present, and I transferred my old 5 gal eclipse into this 9 gallon, which was a nice, smooth transition, as it was a 4 1/2 hour car drive!


Well, as of now, the tank has been up for about a week and a half now, and things are really looking great!


Here is an FTS taken a couple days ago. I've since then moved things around a little bit and added a baby fungia plate coral, which is bright green with a light purple base and bright orange mouth :) It's very cool.. about the size of a nickel!




My inhabitants are as follows:



-Randalli Shrimp Goby

-Candy Cane Hi Fin Shrimp Goby



-Sexy shrimp

-Randalli Shrimp goby

- two nassarius snails

-Orange cat's eye turbo snail

-star turbo snail

- 2 feather dusters

- Pink coco worm




- recovering sun coral I rescued from a friend, doing really well

- 3 little green mushrooms

- one huge not-so- blue mushroom

- two little very blue mushrooms

- red bumpy mushrooms

- med. colony of Ultra zoa's

- bubble gum (aka candy apple) zoa's

- small colony of eagle eyes

- little baby fungia plate

- yellow star polyps


Tell me what you guys think! :) thanks

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I think it looks great from seeing that one picture.. Good work on the transfer. I hope you considered changing out to some new sand or at least cleaning it before moving it in case there was any trapped nitrates. It looks great and your stock is sweet. Keep up the good work and post more photos. People love to see photos.

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