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Snail Tumour


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O.k. so it's probably not a tumour. Any idea what it might be though. A few of my turbos have them, but not all of them. I don't think they're always even in the same spot. Maybe a sponge? I know one snail has a feather on him. Maybe it's just the way his shell calcified, I sort of don't think it's the snails doing what ever it is. I dunno, at any rate I'm curious. You?




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One of my snails had that on his back, then my tank went into a semi crash. had a few deaths but all was good for the most part. right before it happened that growth fell off of the snail, it had a mouth just like the snail on the inside, I'm guessing it's Siamese twins. Just one is underdeveloped and rides on the dominant snail. You can see the bump on yours has the swirl like it's a whole other underdeveloped snail.

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Crazy, that def could be. Batch I got must be inbred b/c I have at least 3 with them. I also thought they could be something like a barnacle.


Was a little concerned at first they might be parasites. I know some snails and related species bore through the shell of animals and eat them that way. If thats the case they're still kick'in. I wonder how common this is.


Here are 2 more shots to show the differences.





Smaller but def still there. Different shape on this one too, almost clam like.




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yeah I thought it was an oyster at first, but I'm sure you could take a snail out and pop it off with a small flat head or something. but then you might kill the dominate snail, you don't know if they are connected though the shell or not. mine wasn't... speaking off, think I'll order some more of those guys.

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