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Temp loss in pico


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I seem to be having a hard time keeping my pico's temp up. Right now the temp is at 71.4 degrees F and I would like to keep it around 78 because of the livestock. I am running a redsea nanofilter in front of a window so there is no need for a light because the tank is exposed to direct sunlight. I dont want any hardware in the tank itself like a heater unless you thnk it would fit inside the filter????



Any plans for a DIY pico heater???

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Hmm, I'm pretty sure I have seen some people that have hidden their heater in one of the larger AC HOB filters that they had modded into a fuge.


No chance of hiding the heater behind your rock?

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i know dr. foster and smith have some heaters the size of a sharpie that would fit in your filter i think lol or just switch to a ac hob

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There is not thet much rock in the tank. It is a 1g long, so I have about 1-2 lbs of rock in there plus about 2 lbs of sand. Right now I have my window open but that is making my apartment hot. This is something I did not take into account because I cannot keep my 50g cube cool enough...Silly picotanks lol.

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