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Aclimation Period for Sunpod 14k 150mh ?


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I installed my Sunpod 2 minutes ago and I must say that I am impressed!!! I'm seeing things in my tank that I've never seen before. The mouths on my pink Zoa's Are green and my AoG are a deap red. AWESOME!!!


Here's the thing. I'm going from stock BC29 lighting to this new setup and I've read that I should aclimate my corals to the lighting. Right now I have Zoa's, Shrooms, a leather, Yuma's, Ric's and GSP. All soft Corals.


I purchased some black netting at a fabric store today and put about 7 layers between the tank and the sunpod which is mounted on it's legs.


So my question is ... at what rate whould I remove the layers so my corals have sufficient time to adjust?

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You can either reduce the photo time to 6 hours a day and increase it day by day, or raise your MH light as high as you can and lower it day to day until you get it where you want it. Or just set the aquapod on your tank and let it run. Soft corals don't need light acclimation like sps corals do. If your zoas and rics close up and don't open up for a few days than you know you need to aclimate them. I'd be more concerned about temp stability than light intensity. Make sure you have a cooling plan in place, or you can just chance it like some people do. Lot's of options :lol:

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Thanks for the info...


I've gone ahead and placed a fan blowing across the top of my tank... temps stayed pretty stable today. I think I'll just keep pulling the layers off day by day and see how it goes. I had it on for a couple of hours with just the direct light and everything looked fine.

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