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Light help amigos


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hey guys.

I am getting an 11x11x11 tank.

want 70w mh


Story is, i have an aqua medic 150W mh pendant. i love it but id say its overkill for this project.

wondering if anyone has any idea if i can put a 70W bulb in it. probably not.


Send me some advise if you've got any. any cheap ways i can solve this problem or cheap 70w mh's.

i am still as broke as i ever was, was going to hold off till after college for another tank but...

thats too long and i miss it too much.


also if anyone has a 70W aqua medic i will trade you my 150W


thanks all

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no to the 70 in the 150 fixture, but I don't see why you couldn't use the 150 ?


I've seen 150s on 2gallons...GO FOR IT! Its only 11WPG


Just make sure you DEFINITELY light acclimate everything well.

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it would be like 26 WPG ( i know WPG doesn't matter too much but still)

its a 5.76 gallon tank.

i think it would bleach everything, i like colorful coralline algae, and i have a feeling 150 would make it all white, 70 probably would too, not as much though.

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