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need help with frogspawn


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a couple months ago I added torch coral and a week later it started oozing brown and died. at the same i bought some brain coral and brain favites and they were fine, still in my tank. i was reluctant to purchase anything similar to torch coral, but recently i bought some frogspawn with about 5 heads from my LFS. i temp acclimated and i poured a cup of my water into the bag and waited 15 min and did it again after 15 min. then i added it in. it retracted and it seems like a couple of the heads might be falling apart. looking more into it, theres a white film covering the heads and a brown goo is forming inside which im guessing is some infection


what am i doing wrong or what did i do wrong?


sg: 1.026

calcium: between 400-460

ammonia: 0

nitrites: 0

nitrates 20ppm

temp: about 79


i have other types of coral in there too. xenia, zoas, green star polyps, purple and red mushrooms, leather mushrooms, some brain coral, and a devil's hand. they're fine though


did i do somethign really stupid or do i have something in my tank thats killing them off?? i dont think any of the 5-6 heads will make it even though they were all healthy and open when i purchased them

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Well... this is what I do when I add my frogspawn and hammer...


1. Float the bag to match its temperature to the tank's. There is no need for further acclimation (dripping etc).


2. If the frogspawn opens up in the bag, shake it gently (holding the base) with the heads still submerge in the water. This will cause the heads to retract. You do not want the expanded polyps to be cut by the sharp edges of the bones when you lift it out of the water. Handle the frogspawn only by its base. Do not touch the fleshy part.


3. Remember to turn off the powerheads when adding the frogspawn. Any random strong flow will either tear the polyps or cut the polyps into the bone edges.


4. Place it in a low flow area. If the frogspawn is under artinics only in the lfs, do not put it under direct mh or T5HO. You might have to light acclimate it over a few days.


5. Turn on the powerhead, then look out for flow pattern if it's causing the polyps to be cut into the bone edges.


I have 6-7 frogspawn/hammer colony and have not lose any of them. So, the above method seems to work for me very well. I hope it does for you too...


And I noticed you have a lot of softies. They'd release chemicals if they are unhappy. The chemicals can injure your frogspawn. I'd suggest you run carbon 24 hours if you have not done so.


just my 0.02. hope that helps...

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