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The General Order of Things


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With all of the new toys available in filters what's everyone's opinion of where in-line they should go. I'll throw one out to start...


Tank overflow -> Mechanical Filter (sponge) -> Bio-media -> Skimmer -> UV filter -> Fuge/Live Rock -> Dosing/Adjusters/heater -> Back to Tank


I'm not saying that I use all of the above, but if I had them available here's how I'd plumb them. The only thing I can think of that I haven't included is a fluidized bed (which I guess could take the place of the biomedia step).


Anybody run in a different order? Or see an issue with this?



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below is mine


overflow-> skimmer/heater -> 1) return -> 2) fuge (slower flow) -> return


wouldn't you want the fuge at tank temperature? if you skim before mechanical then less stuff stuck on sponge.

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Are you using a sump? What size? Are you using a Refug?


If so I would run water from your overflow two ways with a T splitting the water flow to the sump and refug. One will go to the mechanical side of the tank ie. skimmer, Ca reactor, Heater. The other will go through a slow moving refug with DSB, LR, and Marco to help reduce nutrients in water. Both will reenter at the Return area and back through the cycle again. You should run 2/3rds of the water through the mechanical or sump. The rest through the fuge. JMO! Hope it helps

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