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Mini Light


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I have the Corallife Deluxe Series 18W, 9W 10K 9W Actinic "mini mite" (i was told it was called) light.

What size tank ( i know small - could I put that on top of and have coral?

I dont have anything specific in mind, If anyone has any unique or cool ideas for me, let me know

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I just got the same light for my JBJ Picotope 3 gallon. It comes with a 9w 50/50 light and micro filter, but I upgraded the lights.


It looks great in this tank and is just the right size. It is all glass and has a curved bow front.




The only problem (as I'm sure you are aware) is that there are no mounting legs for this light. :angry:

They don't make them, why, I don't know.


I didn't find this out until I got it via UPS with a set of mounting legs that don't work with this light. Right now I've got it sitting on a 3/16" piece of acrylic cut to size for this tank. I have scoured the Internet high and low for some kind of mounting DIY or trick but it looks like I'm on my own.


If you have any kinda great idea on mounting this light above the tank, give me a heads up.



As for corals, with 18watts in 3 gallons (6w/gal) relatively speaking its pretty bright in there. It's not a lot of light when compared to larger tanks (barely a night light) but for such a small tank- and so close to the light I think you could include most soft corals, zoos, LPS, mushrooms, and ricordeas. I don't think you could do SPS though. I even have two very small clams in mine. They get fed my fresh lab grade unicellular phyto and look fantastic! Though they will eventually need to be moved to my larger tank.


As long as you keep fish out of the tank (tried it- too much of a pain) you can create some jaw dropping mini coral reefs. Try a small cleaner shrimp instead of a fish.


Just keep up with top offs (daily!) and water changes (10-20% weekly) and the tank should do just fine.


Junkitu's tank is crazy cool...




good luck! :)

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Alright, well thanks guys, i had it on a 2.5 mini bow and it work ok but it was a plastic tank, and i didn't like the shape, or location in my room...i've been thinkin about one of those TOM brand 3 gallon deco's, and btw DigiKill, i know what you mean with the mounting, i faced the same issue when i first got it.

I eventually just bought a piece of glass from the fish store designed to be the top to a standard 2 1/2 rectangle.


Thanks for the help

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