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Building a Rock Wall


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I've been in this hobbie for awhile now, and have mastered many of its ins-and-outs, but one area I have consistently felt inadequate was in regards to aquascaping. Simply put I don't have an eye for it, I do very basic formations and never do much else. I have recently decided, however, to put in a rock wall along the back of my 30 gallon cube. I need to add more hiding spaces. I have no idea what is the best approach though. Should I literally stack rocks up against the glass? Do I use small pieces and bond them together, or use larger base pieces and build up. Should I use eggcrate leave some space behind? And what do I do about detritus?


Please shoot me some ideas!

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Rock walls arent rock-et science.


Just stack the rocks keeping in mind these few points of note:

(1) Its ok to lean rock against the back glass

(2) You dont need glue if you're structure is relatively stable (keep in mind the strength and weight of your largest creature).

(3) Leave as much exposed surface area of the rock as possible.

(4) The bottom of the wall should have your largest/heaviest rocks and the top should have your smallest/lightest

(5) Create as many caves and caverns as possible.


...thats all i can think of right now, but just consider the problem logically and you'll be good!

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You can use a 2 part epoxy, just small bits of it in some areas to hold pieces together, and if you dont like it you can pry it off farily easy. Wont damage the rock that way.

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