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My Fuge Light Issue!` Precautions


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Hey all.


I just thought I would tell you guys about this before it becomes your problem too.


On my "Feit Electric Under Cabinet Fluorescent Light Fixture" fuge light that I got from Walgreens. here is a link.




I went on vacation and came back to find the light off. I thought it burnt out but i checked it to be sure. I took it off the back of my tank and it seemed to turn on when I pressed on it. I noticed that the light was not seated perfectly.


I unscrewed it and noticed that the connections inside the housing were pressed in too much so I pulled them out using a small screwdriver (after I turned off the power.....safety first you know). That has fixed the problem since. I suggest that anyone who owns this light unscrew the top part that holds the fluorescent bulb in it and pull the connections out a bit to make sure that the connection is good.


It has been working perfectly ever since.


Good luck.


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